What ASLD Does: Laser Simulation Software

We develop high performance multiphysics software for the simulation of laser and optical systems. We offer ASLD, an all-in-one, high performance software package with an intuitive user interface. This enables laser manufacturers to design various laser resonators and amplifiers that fulfil their needs with the same software package. We help our customers find solution for their laser design and development tasks. The users can optimize the design process by using the fast & powerful simulation tools of ASLD software.

What you need: Productive Laser Design

ASLD adds value to your business by reducing the time to market of new laser products. It allows parameter ranging and high level analysis of results thus requiring fewer simulations. This reduces the laser design time. ASLD includes various multi-physics programs thus decreasing the need for multi-package simulations. It reduces component purchasing for laboratory testing and costs, and increases the effectiveness of development engineers and R&D spending. An early investment in solution optimization will minimize R&D costs, reduce development time, and ensure a cost effective & optimized laser product. Please contact us in case you are interested in sending us your simulation request.
We also provides customized software development in order to cater for the specific needs of specialized laser designs.

An Efficient Laser Design Software

ASLD Multiphysics laser simulation software allows an all-in-one package of laser simulations, for a broad range results requiring fewer separate tools and programs.

ASLD algorithms used for laser simulation, have been specifically formulated for fast and precise execution. This allows users to require fewer simulations with quicker results.

ASLD parameter ranging gives quicker results in a single simulation.

ASLD Raytracing included in software package reducing the need for interfacing with other software packages.

ASLD programs allow easy analysis and optimization of Laser optical systems.

ASLD GUI with a user-friendly interface, is designed for ease of use in all modules.

A Simulation Tool for Laser Development

Laser simulation has become an important tool for laser resonator and amplifier design due to increased market demand for applications like:

• Academic and R&D
• Aerospace
• Automotive industries
• Medical devices
• Material processing

Beam quality optimization in
an end-pumped laser


User can use several techniques for beam quality improvement. One method is to modify the doping of the crystal, add undoped end caps, or change the curvature of the end phases. Another method is to change the pump configuration using the ASLD user-friendly pump editor.

Beam quality output power optimization of Yb:YAG amplifier


User can influence beam quality and output power using parameters similar to laser resonators. However, ASLD software accounts for dominating effects, such as, pump saturation, when simulating an amplifier.

Increase pulse energy of passive Q-switched lasers using Cr:YAG saturable absorber


User can modify saturable absorber properties to influence pulse energy and repetition rate. This will simulate whether the laser produces periodic pulse trains or operates in a chaotic manner.